Leaky metal roof?

Stay dry with Eterna-Seal  - the liquid coating system with the strength and durability of a single-ply membrane.


Eterna-Seal creates a tough, pliable “rubber blanket” over the entire roof surface.

Truco’s remarkable Eterna-Seal system combines the strength and durability of a rubber membrane with the economy and application ease of a spray applied coating. Eterna-Seal creates a tough, pliable “rubber blanket” over the entire roof’s surface, with extra thick protection over vulnerable areas like seams, fasteners, curbs, and penetrations.  Because it is able to expand and contract along with the roof’s thermal cycles, Eterna-Seal maintains its watertight protection when other coatings crack and fail.  But don’t take our word for it. Order a free dry sample of Eterna-Seal today, and one from the competition.  Stretch them both, just like your roof will as it expands and contracts. See which one breaks and whether or not the material recovers to its original dimensions. Then call us to arrange a first hand look at some of the 500,000,000 square feet of Eterna-Seal already installed on metal roofs all across America.


  • Elongation . . . . . . . . . . . .600%
  • Recovery . . . . . . . . . . . . 99%
  • Moisture Permeability . . . . .0.2 perms
  • Tensile Strength . . . . . . . .1600 psi


Proven Performance . . . at a fraction of the cost

From sub-zero environments like Missoula, Montana to sub-tropical locations such as Leesburg, Florida, Eterna-Seal has been formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions.  And since all Eterna-Seal shipments are manufactured to order, extra protection can be built-in to meet the specific concerns of a given area. So whether your roof’s environment demands exceptional cold weather flexibility, or extra UV protection, Eterna-Seal’s base formula can be further customized to meet the challenge. All for a fraction of the cost of metal replacement or single-ply retrofits.

Not Another Latex Coating!

Many coatings offer protection, but which system is really built to last?  Eterna-seal exhibits twice the elongation, 4 times the tensile strength, and half the permeability of other metal roof coatings. If you’re looking for a solution to leaks and rust, these are the physical properties that assure long term performance.  So the next time you invest in restoring a leaky metal roof, specify Truco’s Eterna-Seal system.  You’ll be glad you did. Call for a free dry sample and a brief video presentation of Eterna-Seal today.

Don’t replace your roof, Restore It.

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