Roof Maintenance

When should a maintenance system be applied?

Millions of dollars a year are spent on replacing roofs that may have years of life left in them.  Owners today recognize the importance of the investment they have made in protecting the building and its contents from damage, both in terms of the roofs cost and its replacement value.

It is important to apply a maintenance system before the roofing membrane loses its flexibility.  Usually 1-5 years following the warranty depending on prevailing temperatures, sun exposure, roof drainage and the surrounding environment of the building. With planned maintenance and periodic renewal of the coating, a roof’s life can be extended indefinitely.  this can do more than DOUBLE the life of the roof.

A maintenance program can greatly reduce the amount of money that is spent on a roof. By periodically checking the coating system for worn out areas and applying a new coat will extend the life of your roof.

Extended 20 Year Warranties

At the end of the original warranty period, a new five or ten year warranty system can be acquired for pennies. By checking the existing system and repairing any areas that are worn (use fabric where necessary) and finishing out with a new field coat over the entire roof, the life of your roof is extended and you can save a significant amount of money.

At ten to thirty percent of the cost of a new roof, choosing a roof maintenance program performed by professionals can offer you a sound roof for a sound price.

Don’t replace your roof, Restore It.

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