Other Services

Metal Replacement

A metal roof may be rusted too severely to restore.  In this case metal replacement is needed.

Skylight Replacement

Many times skylights are cracked, filthy or have been insulated over and are not being used.  Skylights can be repaired by cleaning and using a clear rubber coating over them.  Although in the case where the skylights are no longer being used, it is a good idea to remove them and replace them with metal for safety reasons.


Another major problem with metal buildings is the condensation that forms on the underneath side of the building.  This is due to either no insulation or the vapor barrier being used is not good enough or has worn out over time and is no longer doing its job.  Either additional insulation or a new insulation is needed.


Industrial and commercial painting.  Metal side walls, tanks, etc.


Installation of walkways is another way to protect your roof from dishing or puncturing do to foot traffic.  this is also another safety precaution, by providing sure footing in all weather conditions.

Floor, Sidewalk, and Parking Lot Sealants

A treatment system on both new and old concrete will provide improved resistance to most acids, alkalis, organic and inorganic chemicals, oils and greases. Hardeners are used to tightly bind together cement, sand, and aggregate particles forming a hard, dense, closely combined, chemical resistant surface

Donít replace your roof, Restore It.

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