A proven and cost-effective way to extend a roof’s life.

All roofs are exposed to severe and relentless forces: The sun’s heat and UV rays, thermal shock, building movement and ponded water all contribute to roof deterioration.  When a roof hasn’t been properly maintained and begins to deteriorate, it’s bad news! Every rainfall brings forth new leaks which can ruin inventory, stop production, destroy records, damage furnishings and create safety hazards.

Our systems stop deterioration, prevent leaks, and gives a far greater return on your investment in a valuable asset, your roof.  STANLEY ROOFING CO. can also provide an economical maintenance system which will add years of additional life to your roof and which in the future years can be maintained effectively and inexpensively. STANLEY ROOFING CO. systems results in the lowest annual roofing cost.

Annual roof costs =

Purchase price + Maintenance Expense


Years of roof life

We don’t sell you a roof, we become a partner.

Everyone dreads roofing problems.  A roof is a major investment. And one thing is for sure - when rain pours into the building, everything comes to a halt until it is fixed. Building owners and asset managers are finding it in their long term best interest to from a partnership with a quality roofing contractor. 

They need a partner:

  • With experience and professionalism
  • With an innovative and flexible approach
  • With reliable and cost-effective systems
  • With someone who will be there for them in the future
  • And, most of all, a partner who is focused on the service

Add dramatic new benefits to your roof.

  • Reduce roof temperatures by up to 50 Degrees F - which will reduce the amount of expansion and contraction on a roof which loosens fasteners and separate seams that cause leaks.
  • Lower air conditioning costs by up to 22%. Independent studies have demonstrated up to a 22% savings in HVAC energy consumption in summer months through increase reflectivity even in well insulated buildings with a payback period of two years from the reflective coatings. “Building for the Future”, a research project sponsored by the University of S. Mississippi, Rohm and Haas Co. and Mississippi Power Co.  Dr. C.J. Boutwell, et. al.l. 1986
  • May also qualify for an energy rebate from utility companies.
  • Will also save on the heat that escazpes through the seams and penetrations in the winter months.

Coatings can usually be deducted as a maintenance “expense” item.

Maintenance to keep property in efficient operating conditions is uaually completely deductible as an “expense” item Vs. 39 years depreciation schedule for new commercial roofs required by current IRS tax codes. As tax regulations are subject to change and as the principle of consistency takes past practice into account, consult your tax advisor for information applicable to your specific situation.

  • Coatings are applied to your existing roof
  • No expensive gtear off is required
  • No additional heavy structural loads
  • Environmentally friendly products
  • Warranty protection available
  • Seamless monolitic rubbor membraned system

A solution for almost every problem

Because there is a wide variety of building and roof types, STANLEY ROOFING CO. provides a number of roofing systems that provide the optimum solution to just about efery roofing problem.  In order to completely customize your system to specific requirements of the building we:

  • Inspect and gather specific data at the site
  • Assess and interpret this information
  • Write a custom specification action plan
  • Provide ongoing inspections and follow-up on warranted projects

Don’t replace your roof, Restore It.

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