About Us

STANLEY ROOFING CO. was founded in 1989 and at that time committed itself to being a company that truly assisted building owners and managers in solving their roofing problems.  We are proud to say that since that time, we have taken care of many owners and managers, from Fargo, ND. all the way down through Houston, TX., who rely on our judgment capabilities and willingness to work with them in solving any problems they might have witch their roof.

We are nationally advertised, but our major source of work comes from “Word of Mouth.” Eighty nine percent of our business this year was established clientele calling us back to do another roof, or a new customer that was referred to STANLEY ROOFING CO. We feel it is a great honor to serve a client well enough to be asked to serve them again or to be a referable company.  Our largest project to date was done because of an out-of-state owner heard about us from a past customer.  After comparing us and our workmanship to others, they contracted with us to solve their particular roofing needs.  We, in fact, completed that large project and in doing so earned another customer and the have since called us for additional services.

The commitment we made in 1989 has been an excellent one and has worked well for us and our clientele.  Our goal remains the same, that is, to be a company that truly assists building owners and managers in solving their roofing problems in a professional manner and provide warranties that protect our client’s investments.

Don’t replace your roof, Restore It.

PO Box 436     Vinton, IA  52349

(319) 472-5512